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Innovative horizons for sustainable developments.


Building further on its responsible ethos, our company, a pioneer in the transformation of fully recycled and recyclable raw materials, was recently accredited in accordance with the strict DIN and CE standards.

To meet the needs of modern society without jeopardising those of future generations, PANATERE, a major player in the watch industry, has focussed on a sustainable solution. Our fully recycled and recyclable stainless steel productions combine short supply chains with a circular economy, with no half-measures.

For the first time in this sector, our production of biocomponents has obtained “Circular Economy Switzerland” accreditation. The results reflect a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint during secondary steel production.

PANATERE teamed up with forty or so key partners to secure this achievement in our transformation process. Each one meets a strict set of specifications in order to ensure collective success on a human scale within a positive circular economy.


“Awareness of the systematic nature of the approach championed by PANATERE now enables us to develop new vectors of interest for our watchmaking products.”

Cloé B.

Below are some of our successes:

  • Implementing a regional network to collect and sort our production waste
  • Obtaining “100% recycled waste” accreditation for medical and watchmaking steels used and “Circular Economy Switzerland” accreditation
  • A permanently tracked transformation process without minerals or raw materials
  • Thanks to state funding linked to environmental performance: adjustment of our prices to those of similar products without the benefit of our socially responsible and sustainable investment
  • For the first time in this sector: developing a “zero carbon” steel by using an industrial solar furnace
  • Substituting fossil fuels with recycled PET and organic materials


PANATERE has spent more than four years developing its global process, and getting the quality formula right, without adding chemicals or minerals. In fact, we only cast 50 tonnes per steel grade, and not the 200 tonnes required by the standard.

We produce two containers per cast, totalling 14 minutes’ work – a drop in the ocean for the steel producers. The framework conditions were difficult to achieve and oversee. An accredited testing laboratory in La Chaux-de-Fonds helped us certify the quality of our material in terms of polishing and machining capability.

We are delighted to be able to share these accreditation results with you”.

Raphaël Broye, Founder of PANATERE SA

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